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Macfie Safety Consulting Inc. provides a valued, reliable, and trusted occupational health and safety service with practical solutions to clients.  Our goal is to provide you services that will ensure the safety of your workforce as well as improve the efficiency in the way you do business by reducing costs in worker compensation rates, property and equipment damage, and lost production time.

Macfie Safety Consulting Inc. has experience performing work for the largest oil and mining clients and knows exactly what your company needs not only to comply, but stand out in safety performance.  Whether it is in Alberta’s oil sands, Saskatchewan’s potash and uranium mines, or Manitoba’s pipelines and drilling rigs, Macfie Safety Consulting has the skills and experience for what you need.  Macfie Safety Consulting Inc. specializes in commercial and industrial construction, pipeline construction, well servicing, drilling, transportation and underground mining.

Founded in 2012, Macfie Safety Consulting Inc. personnel pride itself on real hands-on-experience combined with premier Occupational Health & Safety education.  Most companies offer you services with training backgrounds consisting of a handful of one day training classes.  Macfie Safety Consulting Inc. personnel have industry experience with recognized OH&S education to do any job you require efficiently.


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Some Of Our Services

  • Safety Inspection
    Safety Inspection
    Periodic Worksite Inspections of your areas to ensure a safe work environment is provided and maintained for all personnel.
    If you are at a worksite that may not require a full time safety representative but need a periodic worksite inspection as requested by a client, Macfie Safety Consulting Inc. will assist you in any way shape or form.
  • Contract Site Safety
    Contract Site Safety
    Macfie Safety Consulting Inc. offers Safety Managers, Safety Inspectors, and Safety Advisors for roles with Contractors or Clients on all types of worksites: industrial construction, pipeline, and mining. Contract Safety Represenatives will help your organization stay on top of safety concerns by following applicable Occupational Health and Safety Regulations as well as company policies.  
    Macfie Safety Consulting Inc. is also looking for subcontract Safety Represenatives to join our team. Please submit your resume in the job opportunities section.
  • COR, SECOR Maintenance
    COR, SECOR Maintenance

    Macfie Safety Consulting Inc. will provide you with up to date requirements and information regarding maintenance for your Certificate of Recognition or Small Employer Certificate of Recognition. This includes arranging and performing both internal and external audits. 

Toolbox Talks

  • Ladder Safety
    Ladder Safety

    Ladders a common tool used at home and on the job.  Keep the following in mind when choosing the right ladder for your task:

    • For indoor use, stepladders or multi-purpose ladders are usually recommended. For outdoor work, taller stepladders, multi-purpose, or extension ladders are generally more appropriate.
    • Do not use aluminum ladders when working around electricity. Chose a ladder made out of non-conductive material for electrical work, such as when working near overhead power lines.
    • Make sure that the ladder is the proper length to do the job safely. Extend the ladder 1m past edge when using extension ladder.
    • Chose a ladder that is designed for how you intend to use it. For example, do not use step ladders in a folded and leaned position in place of an extension ladder,
    • Chose a ladder that is capable of supporting your weight and the weight of any materials you will be using.

    While working off a ladder keep the following in mind:

    • Utilize three point contact while climbing a ladder.
    • Work between the rungs of the ladder at all times, do not work sideways or backwards off a ladder.
    • Never work off the top two rungs of a ladder. (the top step of a step ladder is not considered a step).
    • Tie off extension ladders so they are secure, if needed have a person at the bottom of the land for further securement.

    If the job is too difficult to perform it safely off a ladder, consider alternatives i.e. scaffolding or aerial work platforms.


    Remember tie-off is needed when you are working above 6’.  Anchor points need to support 5000lbs.  Ensure your free fall distance does not allow you to hit the ground.  Use Self-Retractable Lanyards when possible.